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I have been working as a freelance photo-reporter for the last 30 years and have published on the 5 continents (i.e.: 45 different countries). 
I mostly realise magazine features on crazy, unique, incredible stories related to adventure, traditional cultures, nature & environment, travel, human interest.

Spoken languages : English - French - Spanish


On assignment, I also covered some « people » photo stories on :


  • HRH Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand

  • HRH Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan de Bruneï¯ (Borneo isl.)

  • HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, King of Malaysia

  • HRH Tupou IV, King of Tonga (Polynesia)

  • King of Benin, (Africa)

  • Président Alberto Fujimori, (Peru)

  • Mario Vargas Llosa, writer (Peru)

  • Imelda Marcos & her family (Philippines)

  • Prince of Bourbon Parme, (Austria)

  • Président A.Stroessner, (Paraguay)

  • Président Abdulaye Wade & Viviane Wade, (Sénégal)

  • President Jiang Zeming (China) together with Président Flosse in Tahiti (French Polynesia).


Between six and eight months a year, I still rove the world to realise and prepare new feature stories for a range of leading magazines all over the world.

Main publications in France: Figaro magazine, Paris-Match, Géo, Grands-reportages, VSD, Le Point, Point de vue, l’Express, Playboy, Groupe Marie-Claire, Bayard Presse, Hachette-Filipacchi, « Voyageur, un esprit d’ailleurs », l’Univers des Voyages, Etc...



Abroad : Stern, Bunte, Life, Geo, Animan, Ola, Sunday Times, Bizarre, Inflight magazines, Worldgraphic, the Earth, Sontag, Natur, Femina, Newsweek, Maxim, GQ, Traveller, CKM, Etc....


  • Exhibition on the "Australian Outback", 50 prints (180 x120 cm) at the Australian Embassy in Paris

  • City of Créteil during the Chinese film festival.

  • Billboards and posters on my work sold worldwide by Piterak Editions

  • City of Lille

  • City of St Quentin en Yvelines (78)

  • FNAC Head office - Paris

  • Asian, avenue Georges V 75008 Paris

  • " The Princesses of Silver " (Miaos minorities - Guizhou province- China). 

  • Exhibitions

  • Various magazines published portfolios on my work made mostly in south east Asia & Australia.

  • Over tast 20 years, many contracts signed with governments to set up and create their own "Free of rights" photo-library.

  • Realisation of various brochures for different Governments and industries. 

  • Edition of posters on Vietnam, Ladakh, Australia, Madagascar, "PITERAK" editions.

  • A collection of postcards & calendars for the Philippines and Australia. 

  • Publication of a book on « Children of the world » for Unicef, Recto-Verso editions (all profits given to Unesco-Unicef).

  • Publication of a book in French and in English on the Philippines called "Archipelago of Smiles". Le Cherche midi editions in Paris, SOS editions in Manila (Philippines)

  • Participation in the book « Chic & Toc » Balland editions. - Participation in the book « Stylos de légende » SOLAR editions.

  • Participation in the book "His Majesty: Sultan Azlan Shah" Pelanduk publications in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

  • Participation in the book " His Majesty:King Bhumibol Adulyadej " with The Royal Palace of Bangkok.

  • Prestigious Swiss magazine ANIMAN realized a unique portfolio about my work.

  • Brochure on Brazilian cruises  ordered by shipowner

  • Cover of Hay Ly Eang's book "Beyond the Cambodian storms".

  • CD cover of famous Philipino singer Basil Valdez

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